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How lucky I was to have lived with my wonderful husband for more than 70 years. He not only accepted me with love and understanding as his wife and mate, he also accepted my whole family with love. He was a brilliant man with a wealth of incomparable knowledge - knowledge he used during his years in the service and at his long and successful career at VA Counselor. Best of all, we were of one mind when we discussed politics, world wide affairs, and of course all family matters.

heart My husband, dear "Bernie" - how I love and miss him.

heart A loving and understanding "Dad" to his children who was ready and able to answer any and every question.

heart A fun loving and beloved "Poppy" to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

heart To all who knew him - just ask them.

heart As far as I'm concerned, his brilliance was unsurpassed.

heart God blessed Bernie.

heart Here are some photos of my Husband. You can learn much more about him at his own very interesting website at:

heart www.BernardBerner.Com

Bernie  Bernie and Isabelle  Bernie

The Salute  Potsdam  Bernie and Isabelle

Mopheads  Isabelle and Bernie  On the Porch


The Birds


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