About Isabelle



When I was a little girl, my parents would ask "What would you like for Christmas?". I would always ask for something to color with, paint with, or draw with.

When I was old enough to choose a medium to paint with, I chose oils and oils. It has been till this very day.

When my children were grown and I had free time, I started to study with a wonderful art teacher, Jimmy Boujikian. He soon told me that he would never touch my paintings but would continue to advise me. How lucky I was - he taught me so well. I will never forget him. I spoke to him about how I would love to be able to restore old paintings. He encouraged me because of my ability to match colors. He had an old painting that needed some restoring and he trusted me to do it. How pleased I was when I saw his delight at what I had done. Unfortunately, I never did go to school to learn about this art, but I did do two restorations for an antique dealer who was very pleased but paid me very little, according to Jimmie.

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